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Mr James Webb

Knee and Hip Replacement

Robot Assisted Surgery

Hip Replacement | Knee Replacement | Knee Arthroscopy | Robot Assisted Surgery

About James

Consultant Orthopaedic Hip and Knee Surgeon & a pioneer of Robotic Assisted Surgery

Mr Webb offers a range of treatments for hip problems, knee problems, including keyhole surgery for soft tissue knee problems, joint replacement surgery, as well as redo (revision) treatment of failed hip and knee replacements.

Surgery is only one of the options available in lots of cases. Mr Webb offers individual and impartial advice to people looking to explore the options available to them.


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Robot Assisted Surgery aims to improve the accuracy and reliability of joint replacement, aiming to position the new artificial implants in the optimal position every time.

Mr Webb is excited to be introducing Robotic Assisted Surgery in the North East of England.

Robot Assisted Surgery

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Hip replacements are often a solution for people with painful hip joints, the commonest cause of which is Osteoarthritis.

Mr Webb is very experienced in Hip Replacement using the latest techniques and technology – including Robotic Assisted Surgery

Hip Replacement

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If non surgical solutions like medications, physio and walking supports are no longer helpful, you may wish to consider total knee replacement. The commonest need for this is for Osteoarthritis, but conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis can also result in the need for total knee replacement.

Total Knee


If only part of a knee is damaged, often the inside of the knee, then partial knee replacement can be a solution.

Partial Knee Replacement can offer potentially shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and return to function after surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement


Robotic Assisted Surgery

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Case Studies

Mr Webb is experienced in producing medico legal reports covering all aspects of personal injury.

Mr Webb is up to date with all current aspects of expert witness requirements, and is Bond Solon Trained.

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What people say about James

To Mr Webb and Team, thank you so much for the care received following and during my left total knee replacement – 17th June. Everyone has been a star and I am so grateful to have my life back, doing really well

Terry Brown Middlesbrough

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